Friday, October 11, 2013

Ticats Store at Ticat HQ and Ticats Merchandise Ranking Amongst Canadian Teams

I stopped by the store at Ticats HQ this week and I was impresses by the raw number of apparel items the Cats had. Compared to the offerings before Bob Young owned the team, the Cats have come a long way. I was particularly impressed that one could buy a Ticat hammer as well as a Ticat measuring tape.

I've heard the Cats are third amongst CFL teams in terms of merchandise sales. Obviously Saskatchewan is number one. I'm not sure which team is number three, likely it is one of the Alouettes, Eskimos, Lions or Stampeders. The Riders are apparently number three amongst all Canadian pro teams, behind the Leafs and Canadiens with $10 million in merchandise sales in 2011 according to this Toronto Star article.

I'm guessing the Ticats would not rank ahead of any of the Canadian NHL teams and certainly not the Blue Jays (although for the Jays you pretty much only see baseball caps). The Raptors? Probably not. Toronto FC seemed to sell a lot of merchandise for a few seasons, but nowadays after numerous shit the bed seasons you don't see as much. 

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