Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ticats at Alouettes, Half-Time

Uh, well that sucked. Montreal benefited from some penalties early (Ticats can be called for facemasks, Montreal not so much), but the Cats have played poorly and the Montreal defence has been great.

The game is probably too far gone, so the Cats might as well put Lefevour in for the second half to get some experience. I don't really blame Burris much as he was under a ton of pressure. What he could have done to help was make some runs rather than always going for a pass.

The commentators are saying that Troy Smith has looked good, but he's made enough terrible passes that really he hasn't played well. The Montreal defence is why this game isn't close.

Not having Tasker or Ellingson hurts as both of them seemed to be able to get open early inside, which really could have helped Burris.

Sometimes games get away from you. Too bad the Cats will lose their chance (pretty much) to host the East final.

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