Friday, January 17, 2014

When Does the 2014 CFL Schedule Get Released?

Last year the 2013 CFL schedule was released historically late on March 5th. The previous year was February 18th. There's no question of an Atlantic game this year (at least I don't think there is after the damp squib that was the 2013 Moncton game, although I had fun attending, if you define fun as I do as drinking copious amounts of alcohol)).

Things to look for this year? Wackiness from having nine teams which will unbalance the schedule. Look for more mid-week games this year because of that. Ideally you would stick Saskatchewan with some of those because they will sell out anyways, especially after coming off a Cup win. Also look for both Ottawa and Hamilton to be on the road early because their new stadiums won't be ready. One team needing away games early is annoying enough, but two will be really annoying for the schedule maker.

For Labour Day, I'm assuming Toronto will be back in Hamilton (haven't checked the Jays schedule, but they are probably home that weekend anyways). It would be nice for Ottawa to host Montreal annually on the weekend (maybe as the Friday game) and would probably boost their attendance. Sorry BC!

Getting back to Hamilton stadium, the winter weather has been crappier this year than in previous years, so how that affects the stadium completion date will be interesting. I'd don't always agree with Ancaster councilor Lloyd Ferguson's Ancaster first policies (bike lanes for Wilson street, bupkis for downtown), but I'm inclined to listen to his construction experience if he cares to opine on the matter again. No July dates would be poor, no August dates would be disastrous. I don't feel like trekking to Guelph again and missing out on my Prince Edward Tavern time.

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