Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whoa. Ticats Sign Zach Collaros and Release Henry Burris

Seems that Kent Austin isn't afraid to shake things up. Funnily I was thinking this morning about the Ticat Collaros rumours and whether signing him would make the Cats better in 2014 versus keeping Burris. My thoughts were that the Cats probably would be a little better with Burris this year, but better with Collaros next year.

Burris had a decent year with the Cats in 2013, but somewhat unusually for a head coach, Austin wasn't afraid to put in his backups for a series or two in many games. It certainly seemed odd at the time, but it did seem to be effective.

Burris is obviously quite old now, even by CFL quarterbacking standards. Can he still be effective? I think he can and certainly the Bombers would have been better in 2013 with Burris at the controls rather than the pivots they trotted out. I'm guessing he ends up in Winnipeg.

I'm sad to see Burris go. He got the Ticats to the Grey Cup in 2013 (although lets not talk about 2012) for the first time since 1999. That's something important. But football is not a game for sentimentalists. We'll see how things pan out for Collaros with the Ticats.


M@ said...

In 2012, Burris was even stronger as QB. The offence was the one thing that was okay on that team. The defence and special teams were the culprit, for sure.

Given Collaros's play last year, I'm optimistic. If he'd played two more games, maybe he would have won the eastern MOP instead of Ricky Ray.

Jorge said...

Yeah I need to make a post about Ricky Ray being the Eastern MOP.