Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bombers at Ticats Preview

Not that many changes to the Ticats roster from last week.

The offensive line still has three American starters. The tackles Olson and Lewis are both imports and both rookies, as is the right guard Simmons. The other guard, O'Neill and the centre Filer are Canadian.

Import Koch is one of the starting wide receivers as is Giguere. Ellingson is listed behind Koch so we'll see if he plays this week after missing last week. The slots are imports Grant and Tasker along with Chatham's Fantuz. Gable is the starting running back, with the non-import Prime as the fullback whenever the Cats aren't going with five or six receiver sets. Somewhat interestingly, Matt Coates is listed as a backup to Andy Fantuz. He's interesting as he is a rookie straight from the Hamilton Hurricanes.

LeFevour starts at quarterback, with Masoli and McGee backing up. Medlock kicks and punts, with A rookie, McDuffie as the punt and kick returner.

That would appear to be four Canadian starters on offense, five if Prime is in at fullback with Giguere and Fantuz.

On defence, the ends are both imports, Norwood and Coleman. The tackles are the usual non-imports Laurent and Bulcke, somewhat amusingly backed up by an import Hall.

The starting linebackers are all imports this week, with Lawrence, the hard hitting Bowman and the returning Rico Murray which I assume is the Cats favoured set when healthy. Laval's Plesius backs up after starting last week.

The corners are Breaux and the non-import Stephen. Half-backs are Stewart and Davis, with non-import King as the safety.

That's four Ticat starters on defence.

The Bombers have two American offensive tackles with three Canadians in the middle. In total the Bombers appear to start five Canadians on offense.

The Bombers start three Canadians on defence, including defensive tackle Thomas, dime linebacker Sherman and former Tiger-Cat Bucknor at cornerback.

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