Saturday, August 2, 2014

City Announces August Ticat Game Moved to McMaster

The city announced Friday that, in a surprise to no one, Tim Horton's Field can't host the August 16th game and the game instead will be played at Mac. The city claims it will be ready for the Labour Day game versus the Argos, which is good, because this Spec article says Mac isn't available.

Obviously the ticket revenue issue hurts, but is to a large part mitigated by the million the Ticats are supposed to get per game (in fact if they received $9 million per game for nine games, that's probably more than the ticket revenue).

However where the Cats lose is obviously all the other game income and momentum. So not only are the Cats likely getting crushed by missed merchandise sales at the games, they're liking selling less overall. Beer and concession income will be missed too, plus in game advertising revenue will be sharply reduced.

Luckily while the Cats have been terrible, so have the other three teams in the East, especially Montreal.

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