Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 CFL Power Rankings Week 15

1. Calgary Stampeders
Calgary really seems to have Saskatchewan's number this year, which must really
drive Riders fans insane. Still in a year that seems to be filled with
mediocrity, the Stamps keep winning even with Drew "Dark Visor" Tate as the
quarterback. Bo Levi Mitchell is probably getting somewhat closer to returning
which would further improve Calgary.

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
No team has been as hot as late as Hamilton, with the Ticats winning four out
of five games and a gritty game on Saturday where they managed to beat the
Lions without any TDs. The Ticats defence has suddenly become an outfit that
is arguably the best in the CFL. Zach Collaros continues to look strong as
quarterback, especially impressing when he rolls out. One problem the Cats
now seem to have is an inability to gain a yard on a quarterback sneak. It
came close to hurting them against the Lions and has hurt they earlier in the

3. Edmonton Eskimos
The Eskimos did lose the Argos, but it was by a single point and the Argos were
at home. What does that matter? By my reckoning, for power rankings purposes
the home team has to win by three points to be a true win (my power rankings
assume a neutral venue between two teams). The Eskimos weren't able to run
basically at all, but they did manage to keep it close.

4. Toronto Argonauts
The Argos did look impressive at times against the Eskimos and with slotback
and Hawaiian Chad Owens seemingly back healthy, that's a potent quarterback
receiver combination. As had been the case the past few years (really going
back to the Rich Stubler era) the Toronto Argonauts defence has been
impressive. Toronto is basically a pretty decent team and this year in
the CFL between starters being injured and other starters just being
mediocre, Ricky Ray looks pretty good.

5. BC Lions
Sure they lost, but they were on the road and they still kept it close in Hamilton. Not having Andrew Harris definitely hurts. Kevin Glenn hit some long strikes but was mostly stymied. That's good enough in the CFL for fifth in the power rankings this year.

6. Montreal Alouettes
Bye week! At least the Alouettes have a good defence and Crompton seems to not totally suck like the other Montreal quarterbacks this year. And they're rested.
7. Saskatchewan Roughriders

Sucked in the beginning against the Stamps with Doege in and inexplicably suddenly
became good when Sunseri came back and almost lead them to a big comeback. Then the
Riders sign Kerry Joseph. Doesn't show a lot of confidence in their quarterbacks with Durant injured and until the Riders manage to win a full game without Durant, I won't be impressed.

8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Losing to the REDBLACKS. That has to hurt as a Bomber fan (at least it wasn't
in the Peg). What about Willy? He was in for the entire game, but it didn't seem to matter.
Still the Bombers are in a bit of a dogfight with the Lions for a cross-over playoff spot. Only that doesn't seem to be as sure a lock as it was earlier in the season.

I'm tempted to move the REDBLACKS up from last place, but any team, even
an expansion one is going to have games where a lot of stuff breaks their
way leading to a sure victory. If the REDBLACKS were to win another game
in the next couple, I'll consider moving them up.

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