Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Go for 2014 Harold Ballard Cup and Playoff Spot

The Tiger-Cats are going for their second consecutive Harold Ballard Cup (presented to the season series winner between the Ticats and the Argonauts) in Toronto this afternoon. Both teams have won a single game and both games were by a single point. If this game ends in a tie, what's the tie breaker?  The Cats won the 2013 Harold Ballard Cup.

Ticat notable injuries are Andy Fantuz (that's not good), Cary Koch (meh), Marcellus Bowman (not great), Ted Laurent (very bad), Ellingson yet again (not great). Not having Bulcke and Laurent kind of screws with the Ticats ratio plans of having two defensive line starters and they'll have to cope with none. Playing three Americans on the offensive line, somewhat constrains them, although at least they have two other defensive Canadian starters. Not have Fantuz obviously hurts with ratio as well.

At least the Cats have Madu back at running back.

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