Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ticats Lose to Argos and Lose 2014 Harold Ballard Cup

The Ticats lost to the Argos after being ahead late (and being behind early), losing the season series to the Argos and probably more importantly the playoff tie breaker with the Argos. The Cats looked weak early, with almost no yards gained in the first quarter, although the defence mostly held. Missing Andy Fantuz seemed to hurt Collaros in the first quarter.

I'll take a bigger look at the stats tomorrow, but this game was certainly disappointing. The Cats pretty much have to win against Ottawa and Montreal to guarantee a playoff spot in their last two games.

Not as big a deal, but the Tiger-Cats also lost the Harold Ballard Cup after winning it last year., named after the deceased former Ticat and Maple-Leafs owner. The Argos did have the advantage in having two of the three games at home (although for both games there was a large contingent of Ticats fans.

Luke Tasker played a great game in Andy Fantuz's absence. The Cats have also been missing Greg Ellingson at receiver at help which also hurts.

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