Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 CFL Power Rankings Week 3

1. Hamilton
Didn't play, but didn't get any injuries either. Likely Eric Norwood and Luke Tasker will be back soon which will make the team even stronger. Has their starting quarterback.

2. Calgary
Bounced back with a home win against Toronto, proving that their Montreal game was likely an anomaly. Also has their starting quarterback, plus Jon Cornish is looking more like Jon Cornish.

3. Toronto
Almost beat Calgary on the road and Trevor Harris makes you wonder if the Argos want Ricky Ray to come back as quarterback.

4. Winnipeg
Beat Montreal at home after getting pummeled by Hamilton the week before with Willy at the controls.

5. BC
Evened their record at 1 and 1 with a win against the Riders. Still not exactly sure who this team is, but they aren't truly terrible.

6. Ottawa
Didn't look very good against Edmonton in an away loss. Is Ottawa regressing back to last year's team?

7. Montreal
Lost to Winnipeg, but not that badly with new wunderkid quarterback Raheem Cato. Is Cato better than Crompton at this point?

8. Edmonton
Beat Ottawa soundly at home with Nichols at quarterback. There's some hope now at least.

9. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Finding ways to lose at the end is never good for your power rankings. No one wants to be the team that leads in low point losses.

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