Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Through Two Weeks of the 2015 Season, CFL Teams Are 79.2% On Extra Points

With the rule changes to extra points and two point converts for the CFL in 2015, it no surprise that extra point kicking percentages are down from near perfect last year through the first two weeks of the season. CFL teams were good on 19 of 24 attempts for extra points which is now equivalent to a 32 yard field goal.

Hamilton's Justin Medlock is perfect in seven attempts, while Winnipeg's Hajrallahu has missed both his attempts. It is certainly possible that the accuracy will rise as the season goes on, although bad weather is more likely later in the year. No indoor games have been played yet either.

Considering that for a two point convert, the ball is scrimmaged on the three, being successful half the time would yield considerably more points on average throughout the season.

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