Monday, October 13, 2008

At Montreal, Two in a Row!

The Cats in Montreal on Thanksgiving, following up a win in the Hammer powered by a remarkable Quinton Porter. Continuing the holiday theme, does Porter become a pumpkin in Montreal or does he continue to amaze and nail Casey Printers to the bench? Obviously the Cats aren't favoured to win two in a row, as they haven't done that all year (ok so they have only had two chances). Montreal is again favoured by 12.5, similar to last week. The Cats may cover, is about as much as I'll predict knowing this group.

The depth chart is somewhat strange on the offensive side. Porter is listed to start, with Printers backing up, which in normal circumstances would be a bit strange, but with the Cats almost mathematically eliminated, not surprising (although I would like to see Printers again just to get a sense of what he can do). At the other slotback position, C. Davis (who dat?) is starting with Bauman backing up and Woodcock starting at wide receiver. Apparently Bellefeuille had Davis when he was a co-ordinator at Montreal and likes him. O'Neil Wilson two?

Both Kenton Keith and Jesse Lumsden are listed in the running back depth chart (with Williams inexplicably listed as the starter). We'll get to see going forward if this would work out next year. One has to wonder if there is room for both Jesse and Casey next year. My odds for Jesse to play the remaining four games this year? Ten percent. I wonder how much the Cats will bother running, as Porter seems to like to hang in there and throw. No doubt the Cats will get behind early, and that will be it for the running game. Too bad, as I think it can be effective, mixing it in and our line is still pretty mediocre at pass blocking.

On defence, similar to last week with Anthony at end again and Siskowic at middle linebacker. Cavillo completed a record 42 passes against the Cats last week (mostly short yardage shit) and still lost. I can't think we can allow that many passes again. Cavillo is old and crotchety, we have to get to him and make him pay the price for completing a pass. Maybe he'll hurt his thumb or his wife will get cancer again. Oh snap! Yes Anthony, your time in Hamilton has not been forgiven and I would enjoy nothing more than seeing you injured for the rest of the season and Montreal lamely ending their season with whoever loser backup they have ensconced at QB now.
Hamilton has suffered from the football Gods for too many years now, I demand someone else suffer.

One last point, with a victory in any of the remaining four games, we surpass our win total from last year. Soft bigotry, low expectations, you know the drill...

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