Saturday, October 4, 2008

Montreal, Close or a Beating?

So just a few quick comments on the game against Montreal today. Porter starts again at QB and Williams remains in purgatory. Printers? Who knows the score with him. Kenton Keith is listed to start, with Caulley I guess gone for the season. Is he more injury prone than Lumsden? Ernest Jackson is in for Mitchell at the other slotback position besides Tony Miles. Mitchell has been pretty ineffective this year so lets see what Jackson can do.

On defence, Cornelius Anthony is listed at defensive end, with Siskowic at middle linebacker. McKay is at the other end spot with Kashama backing him up. I assume these things are fluid, so you will have to watch people coming in or out.

For the Cats, I think the only option is to go after Cavillo aggressively and try and make him pay for each dropback. Hammer Cobourne if you can too, as he is starting to look a little injury prone himself. On offence, don't throw interceptions for TDs early and get behind. Keep running, and if the QB sees a guaranteed first down via a run open up, take it. The Cats probably have no chance without the QB running for 100 yards. I fear another beating, but maybe the balls will bounce our way for once.

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