Sunday, October 5, 2008


So the Cats manage to win one behind a superlative perfomance by Quinton Porter at QB. I will admit that last week against BC, I was concerned that Porter may not have been that great after all. Going a remarkable 27 for 32 for 427 yards with 5 TDs, Porter looks like he is the starter next year. The only question is whether to release Casey Printers and his big salary during the offseason, or keep him around as a possible backup. With Richie Williams you in a sense already have a decent backup, but I have a feeling the Cats are leaning towards keeping Printers.

Prechae Rodriguez had another monster game with 12 catches for 198 yards with 3 TDs. If he stays hot, he could be a candidate for rookie of the year. Bauman was also solid with six catches for 73 yards. The line minus a departed Marko Cavka also looked surprisingly good, giving up only two sacks.

On defence, the Cats as per usual gave up a lot of passing yards, 468 in fact, but a measly 10 on the ground. Siskowic looked good at middle linebacker with six tackles and a sack. Chris Thompson had yet another interception for a total of seven on the year. Frankly some of the fumbles the offense made made it harder for the defence in this game and we could have locked it down earlier. Kudos though to the defence for not folding at the end.

Looking to next week in Montreal, it will probably tougher there and the Cats may not be able to count on such a quick start. Hopefully Porter will look good again, further solidifying his hold on the starters position.

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