Sunday, October 19, 2008

Possible Revenge Against Durrant

So the Cats have their final road game of the year against Saskatchewan and only three chances left to beat last year's 3 and 15 record. Fortunately we can't get worse than last year, nor are we as bad as the 1 and 17 year (with Saskatchewan the only victory). Plus having been officially eliminated from playoff contention, the 25% off season's tickets for next year kicks in for this year's subscribers. That's some spin.

Normally I would go to the Cats site and look at the depth chart and various stats, however the CFL and the Ticats site is apparently down for maintenance right now. I know it is a bit early on a Sunday, but wtf? So this will be a rather stat poor look at the next game.

Frankly, I'm looking forward to this game, as the Riders are apparently starting Durrant as QB rather than the erratic Michael Bishop. In the Cats last meeting with the Riders, the Riders started Durrant in place of an injured Marcus Crandell. I was expecting the Cats to go after the relatively green (and not in the Rider sense) QB aggressively and hoped to see the Riders suffer from starting such a QB as Hamilton has countlessly over the years (hello Billy the Skid!). However it was still early in the season, I was naive and ignorant and still thought the Cats had a pass rush. Of course after a few more games, we learned that the Cats have no actual pass rush, just a bunch of rubes going through the motions. We still had a chance to win at that game, but we couldn't seem to put it together. At the time I mentioned that the key was a fumble near the end of the first half by Lumsden as the Cats were driving that led to a Saskatchewan TD. Man, we've sucked this year at scoring at the end of the first half and preventing our opponent from doing the same. Then at the end, the defence couldn't hold on and a big gain and controversial fumble by Dressler, followed by at TD and that was that. I really believe that that game was crucial and having won that game, we might have ended up with a few more wins and a chance at a playoff spot. So I'm really hoping the Cats do a number on Durrant and the Riders in revenge.

That seems somewhat unlikely, however the Riders have been doing quite mediocre after their 6 and 0 start. I'm assuming that Porters is starting again for the Cats at QB over Printers and Williams. I suppose we're still evaluating, but if Porters can light it up this game, the dump Printers movement in the offseason will grow in strength. If Porters is sucking early, I wouldn't mind seeing the other QBs get some action. At running back, Tre Smith and John Williams again I assume? Somehow I don't think the Cats will be running much. Get the ball to Rodriguez? Seems like a smart strategy. Plus I hope that Porters makes a few more runs rather than holding on to the ball forever trying to make the play. Admirable, but at a certain point, the chance of an interception or a sack goes up and a first down with your feet is the best option.

On defence, try and put some pressure on Durrant, I guess by blitzing with DBs and linebackers occassionally. Don't worry about getting burnt, you'll probably get burnt anyways as you'll have four idiots in zone surrounding Dressler who makes the catch and picks up twenty extra yards on shoddy tackling. That reminds me, this week, actually make some tackles. That is all...

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