Friday, October 3, 2008

BC Debacle

Ok, so I've waited a while to make a post about the BC game. Obviously when you get smoked 40 to 10 there's not a lot to say. The most pertinent stat is the ten sacks given up by the Cats offensive line. OT Marko Cavka again was released by the Cats after the game, likely for real this time, although apart from staking out his apartment and making sure he has moved out, there's always the chance that the Cats will put him back on the roster. I'm guessing the Argos won't pick up Cavka. I'm not sure that Gerald Davis, his import replacement will do much better, but BC does have by far the best pass rush in the CFL. Quinton Porter was 14 for 27 for 144 yards with a TD and two interceptions. The early interception hurt, however Porter never had much of a chance. He also ran for 39 yards on six carries. Frankly Porter moves better than I would have thought for a 6'5" guy and if the Cats were going to have any chance, the QB is going to have to run. At 5.333 yards per pass attempt, a QB run is likely your best option.

Bauman had not a bad game stat wise with five receptions for 65 yards. The other receivers not so much, with a few drops literally sprinkled in. Kenton Keith didn't do much either in his first game.

On defence, they went after Buck Pierce with blitzes, but couldn't knock him out of the game, as really their only hope was to get to Jarious Jackson and hope he sucked. Nonimport Ray Mariuz had a nice sack. Chris Thompson had an interception and a couple knockdowns if I recall. Not much to say, apart from the fact that our defence is crap.

I watched the first half of the Saskatchewan Calgary game and I noticed that Chris Getzlaf made a few catches. Didn't we trade him in one of those magic bean trades a couple of years ago?

I also watched the Toronto BC game and was disappointed that the Argos kept it close. There's always next year I guess...

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M@ said...

Kind of amazing that Bauman has been, overall, our most consistent (in the sense of being consistently good) receiver this year.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about that. We might as well have kept Tounkara for all the good that the receiving corps has done for us this year.