Monday, November 9, 2009

CFL iPhone Apps

I downloaded the Rider iPhone app, presented by SaskTel to check it out. It has the standard sections, schedule, standings, scores, roster, stats plus articles that seem to come exclusively from The stats section is basic but well done. It also has the Riders' Twitter feed and wheat prices. OK, no wheat prices, but it would be useful for a Rider fan. Given Bob Young's computing background, I wonder why the Cats haven't gotten around to making an iPhone app. I could understand that doing it internally might not be worth it on a cost basis (the Rider app unsurprisingly is free), but the Cats could easily pay a Mac student a few dollars during the summer break to create one. Maybe Bob Young's love of open source precludes an app on a closed platform, but maybe an Android app would be possible. Having a Blackberry one as well wouldn't be bad, as would some more functionality, such as facilitating posting on the forums, plus access to video content.

I also downloaded the Score's app. I actually really like their CFL section on it. The only criticism I have of it, is that for games it has the offensive stats, but no defensive stats like tackles or sacks, which doesn't make a lot of sense, but apart from that, it is great and free too.

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