Monday, November 9, 2009

CFL Power Rankings, End of Regular Season

1. Montreal
2. Saskatchewan
3. Calgary
4. Hamilton
5. Edmonton
6. Winnipeg
7. BC
8. Toronto

Montreal wiped the floor with Toronto, doing the job with a lot of backups and finished the season perfect at home. Saskatchewan prevailed over Calgary at home in a game that decided home field advantage for the Western final. Burris isn't quite the same quarterback he has been in previous years.

Hamilton wins easily over a terrible Winnipeg team, extending a win streak and arguably the hottest team in the league. Edmonton slaughtered BC in a potential win or out game (which it turns out wasn't but the teams didn't know it at the time), but haven't beat a decent team in a while.

Winnipeg gets an edge over BC, because as bad as Michael Bishop is, he's better than BC's fifth string quarterback or whatever quarterback they are on now.

Toronto hasn't won since the week after Labour Day. Not good.

That's the end of the power rankings this year. I think I did one for every week during the season, plus a few random ones during the off-season that were pretty much based off of nothing but free agent signings and making fun of Jesse Lumsden's bobsleigh career. For laughs, here's my first set of power rankings for 2009, done in April: Calgary, BC, Montreal, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Hamilton and then Winnipeg. Could have been worse I suppose. BC was probably the team that seemed least likely to have quarterback troubles, but then did. Saskatchewan was better than I thought, mainly due to Darian Durant, who I honestly thought would be exposed as a fraud this year, but ultimately showed me up. Winnipeg did end up sucking in my defence.

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