Sunday, November 15, 2009

CFL Previews, Playoffs Week 1

BC at Toronto,
Hamilton is favoured by a mere three points at home, which seems a bit charitable to BC considering their rather tenuous quarterbacking situation. Former Cat Casey Printers starts with an apparently quickly healed thumb, injured in BC's loss to Edmonton last week.

The Ticats are on a three game win streak, while the Lions are on a three game losing streak. Hamilton is six and three at home, versus the Lions four and five record on the road.

Provided the Cats can keep Casey Printers somewhat contained and not hooking up with Geroy Simon for the big play, the Cats have to be favoured. Having a balanced attack to exploit BC's weak run defence should ensure the win.
Hamilton 29, BC 24

Edmonton at Calgary,
Edmonton is coming off a two game win streak, while Calgary is coming off a one game losing streak. The Eskimos are four and five away, while Calgary is considerably better at home at six wins, two losses and one tie. Ricky Ray is playing better football over the past couple of weeks, whereas Calgary has been reasonable down the stretch, but lost an important game last week to Saskatchewan. Calgary is favoured by a mere 3.5 points, but the lure of getting a Grey Cup berth at home should be enough to motivate the Stamps.
Calgary 35, Edmonton 32

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