Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ticat Depth Chart, Playoff Edition v1

For the Cats on offense, the line stays the same. Gauthier at left tackle, import Dan Goodspeed at right tackle, Dyakowski and Hudson as the guards and Hage as the centre.

Import Drisan James is at one wide receiver spot, with Bauman at the other. Import McDaniel is one of the slots, with local boy Dave Stala the other. Bruce is listed in his usual weird position.

Glenn starts, Cobb at running back and John Williams at fullback for the rare times when the Cats go with a four receiver set.

On defence, Long and Hickman are the ends, with McIntyre and Adams as the tackles.

Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson are the linebackers.

Bradley and Smith are the starting corners. Thompson and Tisdale are the starting defensive backs and non-import Barker is in again at safety. Setta is back in this week. Ebell is in as a kick returner and maybe spotting Cobb at running back the odd time.

Some changes for BC since the last time Hamilton played them. On the offensive line, the lines go with two import tackles, Heerspink and Jimenez. The guards are Sorenson and Haji-Rasouli with Valli in as the starting center for the injured Angus Reid.

At receiver, there is the import Gric-Mullen and former mediocre Cat O'Neill Wilson. The import Geroy Simon is one of the slots. The import Arcenaux is the W slotback (whatever the hell that is) and Jackson is the Y slotback.

Printers starts at quarterback, with Lulay, Jackson, Pierce and Champion listed as the backups. The import Mallett is the running back, with Lumbala the fullback.

On defence, the Lions go unusually with two Canadian ends in Brent Johnson and Ricky Foley. Williams and Hunt are the tackles.

McKenzie is the WIL linebacker and former Cat Armour the MAC linebacker. Marsh and Glover are the corners. Toney and Phillips are the halfbacks. Miles is the safety with Banks the nickel back. McCallum is booting the ball.

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