Monday, November 16, 2009

Yesterday's Game

While the final result was certainly disappointing, at the very least the Cats did not get blown out and kept it interesting right until the end. Casey Printers played a better game than I thought he was capable of right now and pretty much won the game for BC with his scrambling ability.

There were several things I was disappointed with, in regards to the Cats play yesterday. First was not being able to take advantage of the seven (or somewhere around there) illegal procedure calls the Lion offense received. Missing their starting center, plus a loud crowd was likely the cause, however if you hear a team gets seven illegal procedure calls one would think in all probability they would lose. However the Lions were able to convert on second and long repeatedly, almost as if the procedure calls did not matter. Second was the special teams play. Hamilton seemed to get nothing on their run backs, while the Lions had a few decent run backs. Disappointing. Third was the little use of Cobb throughout the game. Admittedly Hamilton got behind, but still strange to go away from what had worked the previous three games.

Good to see a big crowd, although we were all hoping for a sellout. A better opponent (draw wise) like Toronto or Saskatchewan probably would have filled the joint. Hopefully the Cats sold a lot of merchandise and made some money off concessions and parking.

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I totally agree - but would recommend using where they charge almost nothing in comisssion