Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CFL Power Rankings, Week 16

1. Calgary
Beating another good team in Saskatchewan is further indication that the Stamps are the team to beat this season.
2. Montreal
Sure they beat Calgary recently, but only winning by three at home to Winnipeg? That's not that impressive and these power rankings are pretty biased towards what has been achieved lately.
3. Hamilton
A solid bitch slapping of a decidely medicore Argo team and two good games in a row is enough to bump up the Cats. Are the Cats hot or is this blog biased? We'll know on Friday.
4. Saskatchewan
Losing to Calgary is one thing, but losing to Cleo "the Party" Lemon and the Argos the week before shows that something is amiss. Fortunately there's a lot of worse than mediocre CFL teams out there.
5. Toronto
Embarrassing themselves against the Cats. Why is Lemon still starting? Any tool can hand the ball off to Cory Boyd and mooch off of good special teams play. Somebody has got to be better at getting the ball to Jermaine Copeland. Also how do you start an all import receiving corps and have fuck all receiving yards?
6. Edmonton
The Eskimos are hot! One win in a row against a self-destructing team hot, but hot nonetheless.
7. Winnipeg
Gave their best shot against Montreal, with a playoff spot on the line and came up short. Time to start thinking about next year unless they are really lucky.
8. BC
Smelly, smelly team. Sure there's no more Casey Printers, but that's not enough. Maybe time for Buono to give up the coaching chair, although I pity the chump who has to work under him as GM.

I received an email addressed from Stevie "Shakespeare" Baggs (huh?) to season ticket holders saying every seat in the stadium is available for 50% off, plus free youth tickets. I don't mind these offers being focused at season ticket holders as opposed to wild spamming of tickets. This is just semi-wild.

One thing I wonder about when I hear about how much merchandise the Riders sell, especially in relation to other teams is how the Cats rank and how the amount sold has changed over the years. Googling "Hamilton Tiger-cats" gets you 300,000 hits while "Toronto Argonauts" gets you only 266,000. Conversely looking at the "Saskatchewan Roughriders" on the Google gets you 491,000 hits.

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