Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CFL Power Rankings, Week 17

1. Calgary
Sure they lost to BC at home, but it was close. They sort of had something to still play for, which is a bit disturbing, but it is only one week.
2. Montreal
The Alouettes getting spanked 40 to 3 in Hamilton shouldn't mean too much, considering the game meant nothing to them, plus they had some injuries. But, Calvillo was in there for a lot of the game and losing by 37 points is something bad teams do to good teams. Can Montreal do anything the last two weeks of the regular season?
3. Hamilton
The Ticats are probably the hottest team in the league right now. The addition of Stevie Baggs on the defensive line has been one of those rare midseason NFL signings that has worked out well. Signing Hebert gives the Cats even more depth on defence.
4. Saskatchewan
Bumbling and stumbling. Injuries have laid the once excellent Riders low. Losing to Edmonton without Ricky Ray is pretty pathetic. At least they will have a home playoff date no matter what else happens in the regular season.
5. Toronto
Probably the worst 8 and 8 team in recent years. Still led by arguably the worst starting quarterback in the CFL Cleo "the Party" Lemon, the Argos have a good running back, special teams and defence (especially the front four). That'll get you a few wins this year in the CFL.
6. BC
Managing to beat Calgary at home is impressive. Getting rid of Casey Printers was addition by subtraction. Still a mediocre team.
7. Edmonton
Things are looking up the Eskimos. No longer the worst team in the CFL and still in the hunt for a playoff spot winning against the Riders with their backup quarterback Zabransky. Maybe they're better without Ray.
8. Winnipeg
Officially the Bombers can't do better than last year's Mike Kelly coached squad. What use are the Bombers if they're going to have a dull coach and do worse. Now their top two quarterbacks are injured. Getting spanked weekend by Argo quarterback Cleo "the Party" Lemon has to hurt.

After yesterday's post about what the Hamilton municipal elections would mean for the Ticats, there was an article about Bratina from and another article on Jason Farr from the Spec. Certainly Bratina sounds pretty Ticat friendly from that article.

The Eskimos signed quarterback Kerry Joseph, who hasn't played since last year. Doesn't show a lot of confidence in Jason Maas, but I guess you need a third quarterback when you still have the slightest glimmer of playing at home in the Grey Cup.

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