Thursday, October 14, 2010

Points For And Against Weirdness

After fourteen games, looking at the points for and against for the various team, there's some weirdness. Hamilton at 7 and 7 has scored 366 points and had 366 points scored against, which is unsurprising. Toronto however, also 7 and 7 has scored 283 points while giving up 363 points, which is certainly unusual. Perhaps even stranger, Winnipeg with a 4 and 10 record has scored 392 points while giving up only 385 points. BC at 5 and 9 has scored 356 points while giving up 366.

BC releasing Casey Printers isn't that surprising after his history in Hamilton. Doubtful that any CFL team will bother to pick him up. Just too much baggage there. That doesn't mean I have a lot of faith in Lulay as the Lions starter. At this point I would bet against BC locking up the final playoff spot, but when your competition is Winnipeg and Edmonton, anything is possible.

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