Saturday, October 9, 2010


The Cats laid a relative 36 to 11 beating on the below mediocre Edmonton Eskimos last night, avenging their close loss last week. Probably the big difference this week was the secondary, with Edmonton only passing for 224 yards with two picks. The Eskimos also only rushed for 35 yards.

Glenn had a decent night, going 22 for 32 for 339 yards with 3 TD passes and no interceptions. Cobb had 49 yards on 16 carries with a TD, which is pretty poor average-wise. Cobb already has 980 yards, which seems strange because he's perceived to have had a bad season. Bruce had 142 yards on six catches with a TD, putting him at 1237 for the season and pending the rest of the games this weekend, the league lead. Stala had seven catches for 92 yards with a TD, putting him at 853 yards for the season, which looks good for cresting the 1000 yard plateau. Mann caught four passes for 75 yards and Schmidt caught a single pass for a yard. Way to go.

Bo Smith had eight tackles to lead the team. Maybe he's not as sucky as people thought.

Sad to see only 20,791 in the crowd last night, but Edmonton is not a particularly great draw and the Cats now seem to draw better in the summer. Thankfully it wasn't raining. The Cats should still be ahead of last year's total.

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