Friday, October 22, 2010

Ticats Game Day, Alouettes Edition, We've Got a Shot!

Tigercatatonia is stuck on another continent and hoping to get some sort of internet feed of tonight's game against the Alouettes. The spread is down to 2 points in favour of the Als, no doubt due to Vegas realizing that the game doesn't matter much to Larks and are sending out some scrubs.

On to the starting Ticat offensive line. Gauthier and import Jimenez as the tackles, Dyakowski and Rottier as the guards and Hage as the centre. Surprise surprise.

Mann and Bruce are the wideouts, with non-import Stala and McDaniel as the slots. Glenn in at quarterback, Cobb as the running back and San Diego State product Steve Schmidt as the starting fullback. Darcy Brown what happened to you? Deangelis kicks and Wilbur punts.

The defensive ends are Hickman and Baggs, with Bolden and McIntyre in the middle. Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson are the linebackers.

Non-import Hinds and Smith are the corners with Dennis and Tisdale as the defensive backs. Non-import Barker starts at safety, provided he doesn't suddenly quit to join the fire department. So the Cats end up starting eight Canadians again.

The Alouettes start an all Canadian offensive line, Bourke and Perrett as the tackles, Woodruff and Flory as the guards and Brodeur-Jourdain as the centre.

Bratton and Green are the wideouts. Richards and non-import and Mormon Cahoon are the slots. Note that Cahoon only has 618 yards so far this year. Cobourne is listed as the running back and I don't think that's right. Non-import Carter is the fullback, with Calvillo obviously starting. That's seven Canadians starting on offence right there.

Bowman and Stewart are the defensive ends, with Wilson and McElveen in the middle.

Guzman, non-import Emry and Cox are the linebackers.

Dix and Estelle are the corners. Parker and Brown are the defensive backs, with non-import Proulx as the safety. That's nine total non-import starters.

The backwardsly named import Colt David punts and kicks in place of the injured Duval.

Hopefully the Cats can take this one and step closer to locking up the home semi-final. If the Cats win and the Argos lose, the Cats marketing department can start selling and maybe Bob Young buys the rights from the league for the game. With the Argos as the opponent, that should mean a few more opposing fans will come to the game than last year's tilt with BC. I'm not sure the Cats will get quite as many home fans as last year, which was close to a sellout, but it is possible. Hopefully they don't set the prices at a crazy level that keeps the casual fan away.

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