Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Comments On TSN's Top 50 CFL Players

TSN has published their list of the 50 top players in the CFL and apparently Hamilton sucks. Linebacker Jamall Johnson is the first Ticat at 22, followed by non-import receiver Andy Fantuz at 25, linebacker Rey Williams at 28, quarterback Henry Burris at 32 (ouch), receiver and rookie of the year Chris Williams at 34, linebacker Markeith Knowlton at 39 and finally cast off but back with Cats running back Avon Cobourne at 46. So not a single player in the top 20.

One thing the list isn't great at is measuring Canadian talent, as only the best non-imports will make the list. The Cats Canadian talent this year is good. I wouldn't say it is great, but good.

I think the list also gets right that the Ticat defensive line and secondary are not good. The secondary is somewhat meh and the line is basically an unknown. I predict through the season that the defensive line composition will turn over quite a bit.

For other teams, I can't disagree with Lulay as the best player. John Cornish at ten strikes me as a bit high. Sure his average yards per run is high, but if he carries the ball this year the same number of times as a feature back, that will go down.

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