Saturday, June 9, 2012

No Mac Stadium For Ticats

I can't say I'm totally shocked by the news that McMaster won't agree to a deal with the Ticats to play some games next year during the construction of the new Ivor Wynne. Mac is kind of like Surly from the Simpon's, looking out for only itself (note that doesn't include students). Plus if you've seen the stadium, the first thing that runs through your head is how the hell are they going to expand this?

Then again some of the reasons as outlined in this Spec article from Mac spokespuppet Andrea Farquar seemed like excuses that weren't problems in reality:

“In the summer, this is a very busy place,” Farquhar said, adding there are about 10,000 summer school students and 5,000 children who attend camp programs. “We needed to take all of that into account.”
The colossal majority of classes in the summer take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Some programs have classes during the day during the summer, but I wouldn't exactly call the campus busy during the summer. Since the games would likely be on Friday nights, or better yet on Saturday or Sunday, students wouldn't be affected.

Mac probably wanted Mac as a location so they could still offer season ticket holders a package, including the game at Dead Ted's Dome on Labour Day. Now more games at Western are likely, plus maybe two for Moncton. Unfortunate for Hamiltonians, especially those without good transportation options, but the games are all on television and the excitement of the new stadium should be enough to bring people back in 2014.

As for Mac, I don't really expect more from an organization that is managing to tear down the Board of Education building downtown despite the massive number of parking lots downtown where a new building could have went. 

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