Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ticats Second Pre-Season Game Lineup

Nothing remarkably notable about the lineup. Markeith Knowlton is listed as a starter at linebacker, along with Johnson and Williams, with non-import Eiben as a backup. Defensive line starters are all imports, which again isn't a surprise, with Powell and Boudreaux as the ends and Rose and McElveen in the middle.

Import Turenne starts at one corner, but with non-import Bucknor at the other corner. I assume Bucknor is being auditioned to see if he's worthy of being a backup if the Cats start a non-import. Young and Smith are the halfbacks, with Webb being the import safety starter.

On the offence, import known entity Simmons starts and import not known entity Dile starts. No Hage starting in the middle, with non-import O'Neill starting. Usual suspect and brilliant non-import Peter Dyakowski starts at guard, with non-import Husband is the other guard.

Burris is listed as the quarterback starter, with Walker the starting running back, but Avon Cobourne is in as backup. Williams and non-import Giguere are listed as the starting wide receivers. Jones and non-import Dave Stala are listed as the slotback starters.

On offence look for Porter to do something positive, or risk having the team give up on him. Also watch if Cobourne has something to prove when he gets the ball after being released earlier by the team. Is Giguere good enough to start as a non-import receiver? If he does, that makes things easier ratio wise.

On defence, everything focuses on the defensive line. Will they get any pass rush? Probably more important against Winnipeg, can they stop the run? They're all imports so that should help, although I doubt any is getting paid much money and none can be considered a CFL name. The line needs Peach back for the season, although if the pre-season is any indication, the number of games Peach actually plays in could be quite low.

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