Friday, June 29, 2012

Ticats Honk It Up, Lose to Riders 43 to 16

Well that sucked. I didn't go into the game expecting that, but the Cats coughed up another opening night furball and lost at home to the Riders. More annoying was the fact that two Saskatchewan fans were sitting to rows above me squawking all night. At half time I thought, we've got this, but then we played even worse.

I'll say more tomorrow, but the defence wasn't great, especially the front four. They got pressure sometimes, but Durant always seemed to wiggle away. The Riders also often had second and long and found ways to convert. That's never good.

All in all, a poor night for the Cats, one in which poor Ted Michaels is forced to take call after call on the fifth quarter berating the Cats. Next week is in BC too. Ugh.

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