Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 CFL Predictions Week 12

Montreal at Edmonton
Edmonton has lost back to back games against Calgary, but the Alouettes aren't the Stamps. The Alouettes did manage to win at home last week with Crompton as their starting quarterback, but looked absolutely dreadful in the first half. Even if Reilly doesn't start for Edmonton, I would take Nicholls over Crompton especially at home.
Eskimos 41 Alouettes 25

Toronto at Calgary
One team only has one loss, is at home and the other team has no receivers (although I thought I heard something about Durie being back). So not really a hard call (East versus West this generally isn't a hard call in general).

Winnipeg at BC
So no more Lulay. Not that BC was any better with him last week compared to Glenn. This game is on the road for the Bombers who have lost two straight, albeit to the Riders. I'm going to go against the grain and pick the Bombers.
Bombers 29 Lions 21

Saskatchewan at Hamilton
Besides the quarterback position this week, the Riders have more talent than the Ticats (although for a two win team at this stage of the year, the Ticats' talent isn't that bad). However with no Durant, the Riders have to start some guy Tino Sunseri at pivot. The Riders now have Dressler back which would help, but not much with an inexperienced quarterback. The Cats start Collaros who has looked mostly good since returning for a concussion. The Riders have a great pass rush, but Collaros has looked relatively adept at picking up blitzes compared to most CFL quarterbacks who mostly just shit the bed whenever a blitz comes. The Cats are at home, but the difference in quarterbacks will be the game.
Tiger-Cats 24 Riders 22

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