Thursday, September 11, 2014

Third Pigskin Pete Paul Weiler Passes Away Yesterday

Tigercatatonia was sad to hear the news of the third Pigskin Pete, Paul Weiler passing away yesterday. Tigercatatonia was always a fan and also amazed at how long Paul held the position.

I once asked on an internet forum if any other team had someone like Pigskin. The answers seem to be no, just the typical mascots like Stripes (and that creepy spherical one the Cats have). Since the role dated from the 1920s Pigskin Pete was like a throwback to another time, although a throwback that survived because it was a good idea and associated with a good person.

Pigskin Pete is also a uniquely Hamilton story and icon. In an internet age where everything global seems local, someone like Pete is one of those hyperlocal things that still matter. We'll miss you Pete

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