Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Look At the Stats for the Eskimos at Ticats Game 2014

Here's some analysis of  the stats for the Eskimos at Tiger-Cats game on Sunday that ended up as a Ticat victory 25 to 23. The Cats came back from a 15-3 half-time deficit.

Collaros had a good day passing with a total of 318 yards from 25 passes on
35 attempts. That's a 71% pass completion percentage with a TD and a pick and continues his recent run of good games.

Collaros' play compared favourably with Mike Reilly who had 283 yards from 23 passes and
42 attempts for Edmonton. That's a mediocre 55% pass completion percentage which indicates either good pass defence from the Cats or Mike Reilly playing like Michael Bishop. Reilly had two TD passes compared to two picks.

Collaros spread it around to eight different receivers. The normally little used Brandon Banks had a great game with 111 yards with 6 passes and a TD. Fantuz had a typically Fantuzian day with 87 yards receiving from 5 passes. Tasker also had a good day with four catches for 53 yards. Collaros did fumble twice, losing one at the end of the first half that was taken in for a TD.

Non-import Nate Coehoorn had the best day receiving for the Eskimos with six passes for 87 yards.

The Cats had a pretty good day against the run. Thomas only ran four times for 36 yards. The Eskimos only ran nine times for 48 yards. That's an average of 5.3 yards per carry.

The Cats only rushed for slightly more yards, which wasn't surprising considering C.J. Gable was injured really early. The Cats had 56 yards rushing total on 15 carries for an average of only 4.3 yards per carry. Collaros had the most yards rushing for hte Cats with 8 rushes for 35 yards and at TD. The non-import Prime had 17 yards on five carries taking over rushing duties for Gable. Considering Gable being injured so early and the Cats not dressing another running back (i.e. no Madu) the Ticat offense did pretty well. In some ways it is surprising the Cats don't have a Canadian running back playing special teams who could fill in in case of a running back injury.

Eric Norwood, a defensive end for the Cats had a monster game with seven tackles and four sacks. That's now seven sacks for the year for him which I'm guessing leads the Cats. The Cats had five total sacks, improving on what had been a terrible year for sacks early. Combining Norwood with the returning Justin Hickman hopefully leads to a strong Ticat pass rush for the rest of the year.

The Eskimos also a big sack day with six with Willis having three. One could blame the line, however Collaros does like to hang onto the ball for the possibility of making a Doug Flutie backyard football type pass. Sometimes it works, sometimes there's a sack.

Medlock was three for three on field goals continuing his good season, while the Eskimos had none.

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