Thursday, September 4, 2014

Edmonton Sun Article on Signature Jersey Sales

Tigercatatonia loves to cover the business aspect of the CFL, especially merchandise sales.

The Edmonton Sun has a decent article about the new signature jerseys driving merchandise sales Unsurprisingly, it will probably be mostly in Saskatchewan.

Last year the Riders did a record $13 million in business.

“That’s just from the four stores we operate — $13 million,” said Mark Habicht, the director of retail operations.

For the last decade they’ve had 50%-70% of the league merchandise sales.
“We’ve pushed as high as 70% but usually we’re in the 50% to 60% range,” he said.

Edmonton sells a lot less merch than the Riders:

The Eskimos are a long way back of Saskatchewan’s $13 million in merchandise last year.

“We came in just under a million,” said Rhodes.

The Eskimos ordered significantly less stock than Saskatchewan — only 800 jerseys in all. The team has averaged about 4,000 jersey sales a year recently.

Interestingly the Ticats have reported a million dollars in merchandise sales in previous years so Hamilton must be close to Edmonton. Of course the Ticats under Bob Young have been pretty good at offering a good selection of merchandise.

What's a little sad is that the stadium problems have no doubt really hurt merchandise sales for the Ticats. If everything went as planned this year (and the team was better) the Cats would have had an awesome year for merchandise sales.

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