Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bakari Grant Success in 2015 Pre-Season A Sign of Regular Season Success

Receiver Bakari Grant, who the Ticats basically grudgingly resigned in 2015, has gone and had a great pre-season for Hamilton in 2015.

Grant had four catches for 73 yards in the first pre-season game against Ottawa and followed that up with five catches for 87 yards and a TD in the second pre-season game in Winnipeg. That's far more yards than any other Hamilton receiver in the pre-season. Of course not every receiver played in both games (Tasker didn't catch a single pass in the pre-season and Andy Fantuz only played in the second pre-season game).

With Luke Tasker possibly injured for the season opener in Calgary on Friday, Grant would end up as the top import receiver for the Cats. Grant had 58 catches for 58 catches for 605 yards and three TDs in 2014 and will be looking to exceed that in 2015.

One other player that had success in both pre-season games was former Hamilton Hurricane Matt Coates who had 2 catches for 43 yards a touchdown in the first pre-season game and 2 catches for 20 yards in the second game. Coates is in his second year with the Cats and likely will be Fantuz' backup and probably won't see the field a lot unless Fantuz is injured or the Cats suffer some severe ratio problems elsewhere. However Fantuz has been injured a lot in the past few seasons, so Coates will likely start a few games in 2015.

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