Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 2015 Second Pre-Season Game Lineup

The lineup for the game against Winnipeg is out (nothing televised or streamed unfortunately) so I thought I would look at it for anything interesting.

At the offensive tackles, two imports Olson and Lewis, who I don't think will be starting come the first game, but with all the injuries, who knows.

For the interior of the o-line, three Canadians, unlike last year. Dyakowski at guard, Filer at centre and the pickup in a trade from Montreal Bomben at the other guard spot. That may well be who starts the first regular season game.

Starting wide receivers are the import Underwood (who?) and second year Canadian Matt Coates (formerly a Hamilton Hurricane). Coates had a few passes caught last game including a TD I believe. Could this be foreshadowing of Coates being a second Canadian starter behind Fantuz as a receiver? In any event the Cats need a Canadian receiver to back up Fantuz.

Three slotbacks are listed as starting, imports Smith and Bakari Grant (who had a dominating game against some wanker REDBLACK defenders last week) and the aforementioned non-import Andy Fantuz.

Prime is the starting fullback, with Holley and Ford as the running backs due to injuries to Gable and Grigsby. Tigercatatonia has always been of the opinion that import running backs are kind of fungible so I'm not that concerned although I do like Gable and Grigsby especially receiving. Gable does seem to get injured a lot.

Collaros starts at quarterback with Masoli and Harris as the backups.

On defence the ends are non-import Gascon-Nadon and Eric Norwood who had a lot of sacks last year. In the middle starting are two imports, Daniels and Nevis, after Bulcke and Gaydosh are gone for the season (so much for defensive tackle non-import depth).

Imports Caldwell and Harris are the outside linebackers with former Laval player Plesius in the middle.

Corners are import Gainey and non-import Stephen, with Posey and Davis as the half-backs with non-import Daly starting at safety.

I'm not sure how well the Cats will play tomorrow. Collaros is in, as is Fantuz but no Tasker. Bakari Grant might have a good game though.

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