Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No TSN Broadcast CFL Game for the Ticats in 2015

Tigercatatonia has always been enthused about broadcasting pre-season games. TSN already owns the rights, the question is whether the production costs are worth the ratings the game would get (or at least the ratings increase over what they would get with filler).

In previous years, TSN has broadcast varying numbers of games. For 2015, they are only broadcasting three games. The games shown are BC at Calgary, Saskatchewan at Edmonton, and Toronto at Montreal. So no games for the Tiger-Cats, nor Ottawa or Winnipeg.

In some ways I'm surprised that TSN doesn't broadcast both Saskatchewan games, considering how rabid their fans are and their relatively high disposable incomes. I'm sure the Saskatchewan game will be show on cable or something there and probably won't get a bad number.

For the Cats, at least the games will be broadcast on Cable 14 (I'm assuming).

I can understand in some ways TSN only doing three games. With three games they do get to practice for the regular season broadcasts and iron out the kinks. Plus there is only so much interest per team in pre-season. I'm sure Michael Sam will be a big deal for the Toronto Montreal game.

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