Friday, June 26, 2015

Hamilton Ticats at Calgary Stampeders Half-Time 2015 Opener

Exciting half. Pick six by Sears starting out for Hamilton on star quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell which was awesome. Calgary answered with a TD, but Hamilton ended up ahead at the half, with a contribution from a Brandon Banks punt return TD (revenge for the 2014 Grey Cup).

Zach Collaros looked good with 11 of 14 passing albeit for not a lot of yards.

Sears looked great with a sack and a pick for six and the Hamilton pass rush looked good overall with three sacks despite the line being somewhat injured.

Holley started out well as the new starting running back, but then not much was seen from him until the end of the half.

Andy Fantuz looked great until he took a hard hit near the end of the fourth quarter. Hopefully he is OK.  Grant had a couple of catches, but I was expecting more considering Tasker is out.

Bo Levi Mitchell looked better in the first half than the second after the Ticats started getting after him. Cornish hasn't been very Cornish like so props to the Ticat defence.

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