Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Saskatchewan Roughriders Annual Report Out of 2014; Total Revenue $42.4 Million

The Saskatchewan Roughriders annual report for 2014 is out and includes a lot of interesting info. The Leader Post has an article with the pertinent details.

Of note, total revenues were $42.4 million for fiscal 2014-2015 down from $43.8 million the previous year, however that included a Grey Cup. Considering the Grey Cup is probably worth more than $1.4 million dollars one would have to think 2014-2015 is a better year than 2013-2014. Considering that the salary cap for last year was only $5 million, a lot of money was spent on non-salary expenses.

Profit was $2.2 million, although considering the Riders are a non-profit, they are going to basically spend what they have. The Ticats supposedly will be profitable in 2015-2016 although no doubt on much lower revenues.

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