Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Preseason Game

Just got back from the last preseason game in Toronto. Pleasantly surprised by the way the Cats hung in and pretty much dominated the last 5 minutes of the game. When Toronto scored on the first drive of the game, I had the feeling it could be a long game, especially with Kerry Joseph starting out hot. Joseph was only satisfactory, but Bishop was unsatisfactory, so I'm betting Joseph will be Toronto's starter. I think Toronto will end up being the top team in the East, with Joseph's ability to get first downs and more being critical.

Regarding the Cats, I was pleasantly surprised by the play of the defence, moreso as the game progressed. They seemed to be better in second and long situations, which has been their Achilles Heel the past few seasons in my opinion. Occasionally they were a bit weak against the Toronto run, but they may have been more surprised by all the times Toronto ran. I know I was. Moreno seemed good as per usual and great to see some interceptions.

The offence was good for the last three quarters, although Williams was again relatively ineffective. Printers played well enough to be excited for the home opener, but there's no need for crazy talk. Porter looked good at the end, I figure he will stick around on the practice roster. Curiously no Timmy this week, which was disappointing mainly because I couldn't yell Timmy in the Skydome. Lumsden only touched the ball a few times from what I could see, but Tre Smith seemed able to move the ball. French was ok receiving, Miles and Woodcock didn't do much from what I saw. Setta was good, but not great. The punts Vanderjagt got off for Toronto were decent, so it seems as if booting Prefontaine might work out for them.

Going into the home opener against Montreal, I think the Cats have to be the slight favourite now, whereas before this game I would have gave the edge to Montreal. It will be interesting to see what the Vegas line is...