Friday, June 13, 2008

The Winnipeg Preseason Game

Last night, I was able to sit in some nice Box D seats due to the generousity of a friend. I have season tickets in section 5 so it was nice to be close the action for once, as well as being able to view the various hangers on who loiter around on the side line.

So we won. Last year we won both preseason games, but then we ended up with a 3 and 15 record so I'm a bit dubious of winning preseason records. Plus I read this morning that Winnipeg left their entire front seven of their defence in Winnipeg because of the high price of jet fuel. I didn't notice Lumsden playing either so maybe it all evens out. What I did notice was the new Pigskin Pete. Looks like he has a few years left on him although in bodyshape he didn't look much like the previous one. Surprisingly our Pigskin Pete doesn't have a Wikipedia page, although there is one for some loser radio host in Cleveland who is now dead. Doesn't seem right. Somebody should fix that.

Players who seemed to be doing something: Nick Kordic seemed to be around the ball on the defensive end, Setta's placekicking was good and his punting was satisfactory, and I think that Woodcock might have caught a pass, indicating that's he's not totally spent. However, just like last year in the home exhibition game, my man Timmy went wild. Ok, not super wild, but the Changster looked the best out of all the quarterbacks who played, including Dinwiddie. Surprisingly, I saw a number of Chang adorned jerseys in the crowd. They must have felt proud last night and somewhat prescient to boot. I just liked being able to yell out "Timmy" like on South Park at random times. Richie Williams looked mediocre and that's being charitable. I like Richie, however I'm now wondering if he just looked good last year in relation to Jason Maass...

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