Thursday, June 26, 2008

Odds 2

Since it is a mere hours before game time, I should address the preseason odds to win the 2008 Grey Cup. Last I saw in the Spec the odds were: Toronto 5-2, BC 3-1, Winnipeg 5-1, Calgary 7-1, Saskatechewan 7-1, Edmonton 10-1, Hamilton 12-1 and Montreal 15-1. Strangely I thought the Cats would have even lower odds, but I guess everyone has aat least some chance in a eight team league. Toronto being the favourite I understand and I pretty much agree with the other picks. BC I'm not so sure how Pierce and Jackson will end up doing, although if one falters they do have the other, plus they have a lot of other talent. The other teams become mediocre from there, although I guess Winnipeg is ok.

For tonight's game, I'm hoping it doesn't rain since I'll be there in person. I do wonder if it does end up raining heavily if that is a distinct Hamilton advantage, with Lumsden and Printers on the ground versus Cavillo and whoever Montreal's running back is tonight. If it doesn't rain, I hope to see some play action as well as Printers running for first downs when the opportunity presents itself. On defence, Moreno has got to make some big plays. The secondary I hardly even know who is playing. I'm sure at the beginning of the season they will be a weak spot, but hopefully, fingers crossed, they won't cost us this game.

One last rant on televising preseason games that I made in an earlier post. Why TSN doesn't do at least two Friday night preseason games involving highly watched teams is beyond me. The first Friday have Edmonton at Saskatchewan as their fans are probably die hard enough to tune in even though the first week preseason games are usually a little tedious and then for the second Friday, have Montreal at Toronto where you can show it on RDS for a Canada wide audience. TSN has already paid a set fee for the package, so if they can get a decent audience for those two games that more than covers the production costs, why not? Plus more marketing and promotion for the league, that benefits TSN as the single carrier. Seems simple.

Go Cats!

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