Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So I finally got around to checking out the current Las Vegas odds in the Hamilton Spectator today. Hamilton is favoured by 2.5 against Montreal for this game on Thursday. When was the last time Hamilton was favoured going into a game? I'm not surprised, as after last week's preseason game, the Cats are looking reasonable. More importantly Montreal seems like they will be mediocre this year. If the Cats can get good yards from Lumsden to set up the play-action passes from Printers, I think they'll be all right on offence. Play-action seemed to work ok last week in TO.

On defence, Cavillo has been a noted Cat killer over the years. The Cats have to actually stop on 2nd and long. Simple.

In the other games this week, BC is favoured over Calgary at home by 3, Winnipeg by 2.5 at home versus Toronto and Saskatchewan is favoured by 6 at home against Edmonton. Saskatchewan by 6, I'm a bit skeptical about, especially when my mind turns to Marcus Crandell. I guess Edmonton will be terrible again this year. Well they do have Jason Maass...

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