Thursday, June 19, 2008

Team Revenues

Just a quick post on CFL teams revenues and costs. Scott Mitchell was quoted as saying in the Spec yesterday that the costs of running the Ticats is around 14 million. He is also quoted as saying each blacked out game is worth $100,000 by their estimates. Dividing by $40 for the average ticket price, that's an extra 2500 fans per game. Strikes me as a bit high.

Yesterday in the National Post, it was reported that revenue in Saskatchewan was $23 million last year, up from $11 million in 2004. The profit last year was $1.7 million. That much in revenue versus a $4.15 million salary cap isn't bad, although it makes you wonder where the remaining $19 million after salaries were spent.

I'm going to the preseason tilt in Toronto tonight. I think the biggest thing is how Lumsden does, plus if Printers can be successful against the blue team's defence passing. I'm still somewhat leery of the Ticat receivers. I sometimes wonder how hard it can be to find a decent import receiver. Maybe Tony Miles will step up. At least we won't have Jason Maas and his broken down shoulder holding us back...

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