Saturday, September 27, 2008

BC Half Time Update

Just a few thoughts after the half.

O'Neil Wilson? Can't catch crap in Hamilton, makes multiple catches for BC in the first half. Wtf?

Porter has made a few nice runs, however I think he's stayed a little too long in the pocket for others. Of course two interceptions, perhaps he's not the next saviour.

I like the Cats going after Pierce and trying to knock him out of the game early. Hasn't worked, but I like the strategy.

Yet another third and one we should have gone on in hindsight.

Would have liked to see a bit more runnnig, but now that we're well behind again, well. We're not going to see it.

Hamilton wins the time of possession. Yippee.

In the preceeding Argo game, I saw Jonta Woodard starting at left tackle for the Argos. Wow the Argos are hurting if they're starting him.

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