Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long Time No Post

Wow, almost a month between posts. Not good, but there wasn't a huge amount of news apart from more BS about the stadium, which makes me want to avoid posting. In the Spec, there's an article on the latest of the stadium, with council trying to figure out the committee to advise facilitator Michael Fenn. Doesn't sound so promising, but that's Hamilton city council for you.

In better news, the Grey Cup in Edmonton has sold out already, with more than 60,000 tickets sold. I contemplated going, but now I guess I won't, barring the Cats making it and the Euro going back up against the US dollar.

Here's a crazy Grey Cup idea. If 2014 is going to be the last season for Ivor Wynne, why not host the Grey Cup and expand the stadium like how it was done for 1996? The new stadium looks like it could end up quite small for Grey Cup hosting purposes, plus there's the sentimentality factor for the last game. Insane, maybe.

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