Thursday, June 17, 2010

West Harbour Stuff

There's an article in the Spec about the expropriation of homes and businesses at the West Harbour stadium site. Things look like they are moving forward there although the possibility exists for something else to go there if the stadium doesn't end up going there. One wonders with the city getting its ducks in a row in terms of acquiring all the necessary land, how difficult it will be to go to a different site where the process hasn't started and potentially bigger, wealthier landowners could have different designs on their properties. As far as I know the Cats don't own any properties of their own. One other thing about the article, it seems a bit cheap for the city to only give $5000 over the assessment. Doubling this would seem more reasonable.

I didn't comment about the Ticats preseason loss to the Argos (13-10) as all I heard was a bit of the halftime interview on CHML with O'Billovich. Too bad Brannigan didn't do much as the Argo quarterback. Hopefully they keep him around, even if it is just on the practice roster. Surprising the Cats ended up losing the game, but it is the first preseason game, which is pretty random. I just thought the Argos would be quite disorganized after this offseason. Winnipeg should be a tougher test, especially if Buck Pierce plays well.

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