Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ticats Game Day, Preseason versus Argos

I'm away on business so unfortunately I won't make the game in Toronto today. No television but you can hear it on CHML. The first preseason game is generally more about evaluating players and apparently we won't see Kevin Glenn at all. I'll be curious to hear how Porter does today. I'm still a fan of his and knowing the history in the CFL of starters getting injured over the course of the regular season, having him on the team is certainly important. Another issue is if Glenn starts out slow, what happens? Also today Tafralis and Boltis will battle for the third quarterback spot. It wouldn't surprise me if the Cats end up jettisoning one of them early in the year rather than carrying four quarterbacks this year. What happens in the interior of the defensive line with the retirement of Darrell Adams will also be interesting?

The Argos are obviously going to be a mess this year. Probably the most curious thing about the Argos for this game will be how Queen's quarterback Danny Brannigan does. I've wondered, as have others is if a CIS quarterback can be just as good as some of the more wankerly third stringers in the CFL. Historically with former bad Ticat third stringers like Billy Dicken, I think the answer is yes. Hopefully we get a partial answer today and Brannigan does OK. Here's a Toronto Sun article on Brannigan.

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