Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stamps Not So Hot?

There's an excellent and surprisingly long article in the Post with their panel looking at the upcoming season. They all seem to like Hamilton and dislike Calgary, mainly due to their offensive line getting raped in the off-season. Maybe my last power rankings for Calgary were a bit high, although I expect Burris and Reynolds can carry a mediocre line, although maybe not a shitastic one.

Bruce Arthur has a column also in the Post about how the league isn't sucking in any particular way this year. He mentions that some may find the lack of testing of recreational drugs as part of the CFL testing regime, but really with the way society is going, why should the CFL test for this? A good choice by the CFL and probably makes the league more of an option for some import players.

Drew Edwards has a good article about the new collective bargaining agreement, including the fact that the 56% share of revenue the players had previously never resulted in any extra money so giving it up wasn't such a big deal. Although I wonder with the Riders having produced $17 million in revenue, how hard the other teams had to suck for there to be no extra money.

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