Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ticasts Release Zac Carlson

WTF? I know the Ticats are limited in terms of roster space, but the breaking news that non-import offensive lineman Zac Carlson is slightly surprising. Couldn't the Cats have done a nine game injury list thing with him to keep him away from other teams and hopefully use him down the road? George Hudson is getting pretty old. Evidently Carlson was behind Simeon Rottier and Matt Morencie on the Canadian offensive linemen depth chart. In hindsight, using a supplemental pick to get the Weber (my major is barbequing!) State product and giving up a first round pick in this year's draft seems like a bad move.

I'm sure the Cats tried to trade Carlson, but teams probably knew he would be released and would have to give up nothing. If I'm the Argos, I snatch him up quick, considering how feeble they are at Canadian offensive lineman.

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